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The Story

Frank was born and raised in the southern tier of New York.  There he stayed until an unexpected opportunity brought him to Puerto Rico.  While acquiring a taste for Puerto Rican cuisine, Frank found that the Hispanic culture had the equivalent of a regional food Frank longed for.  It was called a “Spiedie” (pronounced “speedy”) and is made with marinated meats skewered and cooked on a grill.  In the Hispanic community, “Spiedies” are called “Pinchos”.   It was at this point in time that Frank took on a nick name he obtained in high school Spanish class, “Paco”.  Paco soon found that in Puerto Rico they serve their pinchos basted with off the shelf BBQ sauces, butter with garlic, or any other flavor of sauce they choose.  Since Paco was unable to find spiedie sauce locally, he started to make his own sauce.  Paco’s sauce is a unique vinegar and oil based marinade with a special blend of Mediterranean herbs and spices.  Over time, Paco served his version of pinchos to friends who visited him or at company related events.  Immediately many people suggested that Paco bottle and sell the sauce.  After some 5 years of receiving good feedback on the flavor of the sauce, Paco started to research bottling, distributing, and selling Paco’s Pincho Sauce focused on the pincho market place.  Paco found that it was feasible to create Paco’s Pincho Sauce and then opted to proceed with the production of the sauce.

Paco Pincho Sauce is all natural, has no cholesterol, is sugar free, and is a healthier option than traditional sugary BBQ sauces and marinades currently.  While developing the product and business model, Paco researched the market and found that there are no pincho sauces currently for sale.  This meant that Paco had found a niche product within the Hispanic cultural base that also appeals to people of all cultures.  Paco truly created a unique and leading edge product.  Even though the sauce is intended to marinate pinchos, the sauce is universal and can be used to marinate or baste all protein foods, vegetables, and tofu, but truly it has no bounds. Some people have stir fried fish and vegetables with it and used it for a salad dressing.

Paco Brands opened operations in January of 2015 and was located in Harford, PA.  Sales of Paco’s Pincho Sauce grew since it was first introduced.  The number of locations where the sauce was being sold grew from 3 stores and 1 restaurant in 2015 to 16 stores in the Fam Coop supermarket chain, 7Express, Villa Cofresi, and two locations of Natucentro in Puerto Rico.  In 2016 the first distributor was added, Southern Gentry, LLC d/b/a Bamawise.  With our niche position in the market place, Paco’s Pincho Sauce is set to explode off store shelves.  

Paco's Pincho Sauce is a specially formulated blend of herbs and spices to boldly flavor your favorite meat, seafood, chicken, or vegetables!

Paco's sauce works great as a baste or as a marinade for more intense flavoring. Marinate for 2 to 4 hours or overnight for penetrating flavor. Always refrigerate food while marinating.

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